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With Newly Released Films "Dau" Hits Cruise Control

With Newly Released Films

The more I watch Dau—the ambitious multi-film project spearheaded by Ilya Khrzhanovsky—the more it becomes clear that there’s little in the history of cinema to compare it to. To give Dau its due, it’s more useful to think of not just film, or theater, but also of site-specific improvisational performances, such as Sleep No More. Performed by the British theater group Punchdrunk, Sleep No More was staged at a sprawling New York City warehouse, rebranded as McKittrick Hotel, where you walked through darkly lit rooms to watch vignettes loosely inspired by Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Similarly to that macabre British show, which the New York Times called a “voyeur’s delight,” Dau can make you feel alternatively like you’re in a musty hall of curiosities, or can seriously mess with your head.To recap, Dau was shot mostly in Ukraine on a sprawling set, which reconstructs a Soviet scientific institute,

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