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Short Film Review: Gum (2019) by Akihiko Taniguchi

Short Film Review: Gum  (2019) by Akihiko Taniguchi

“Gum” is an animated music video directed by Akihiko Taniguchi to music made by the Japanese band んoon (hoon [huːn]). It’s their second collaboration as the ethereal sound and interesting CGI animation work very well together.

“Gum” is screening at Vienna Shorts

The video opens with photorealistic images of a cobbled garden path, weeds and all, in the rain and it goes on to show the in- and exterior of a modern house, all designed in realistic looking CGI. However, when the character appears, this realism is easily abandoned. The character starts singing, the sound of rain stops, and the music begins.

“Gum” is the first video off んoon’s second Ep “Body” released on the Flake Sounds label in June of 2019. んoon consists of a female lead singer and musicians playing harp, bass, and keyboard and their music covers a mix of genres. Often their music emerges through improvisation

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