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Escape to Small Town America in These Bingeable Shows

Escape to Small Town America in These Bingeable Shows

While many of us are still adhering to social distancing, binging new (or old) television shows has become a common activity to get us through the days.

Sometimes you are just not in the mood to watch a show as intricate and complicated as Game of Thrones.

Real life can be hectic enough as it is. In those moments when life gets too crazy, you might want to sit back and enjoy a light-hearted watch by escaping to small-town America in one of these shows.

Stars Hollow, Ct (Gilmore Girls)

The Bid-a-Basket fundraiser. Knit-a-Thon fundraiser. Festival of Living Art. Revolutionary War Reenactment. The 24-hour dance marathon. These are just a few of the many events typical of Stars Hollow, Ct.

Stars Hollow has so many eccentricities. You'll find yourself marveling at their ability to create an event just as ridiculous as the last. Most episodes even consist of a town meeting!

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