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FiGa Films Launches Streaming Service FiGa en Casa (Exclusive)

FiGa Films Launches Streaming Service FiGa en Casa (Exclusive)

Miami-based sales and distribution company FiGa Films launches streaming service FiGa en Casa on June 25 with the world premiere of Argentine medium-length film “Rompiente” by Juan Schnitman whose 2015 debut feature, “The Fire,” was hailed by Variety as a “riveting chamber piece of subtle shifts and evenhanded power struggles…”

In “Rompiente,” a director shooting a sex scene in an indie film manipulates his young actors to show more flesh and be more intimate until tensions between the actors and the director reach a breaking point.

“I like to think about this film as a Los Ramones song: Short, fast and urgent,” said Schnitman in a statement, who bases “Rompiente” on what he’s heard about abusive directors and awkward shoots of sex scenes. “Nobody spoke about these issues that we all knew happened. I took this idea to friends, producers and a month later we were shooting,” he added.

“‘Rompiente’ talks

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