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‘Darlin’ DVD Review

‘Darlin’ DVD Review

Stars: Lauren Canny, Bryan Batt, Nora-Jane Noone, Cooper Andrews, Pollyanna McIntosh, John Spud McConnell, Geraldine Singer, Maddie Nichols, Mackenzie Michelle Graham, Jeff Pope, Eugenie Bonderant, Sabrina Gennarino, Thomas Francis Murphy | Written and Directed by Pollyanna McIntosh

The debut feature from actor-turned-writer-director Pollyanna McIntosh (The Walking Dead), Darlin’ is a stand-alone sequel to Lucky McKee’s visceral 2011 horror The Woman, in which McIntosh starred as an imprisoned feral woman wreaking hell on her captors. McIntosh reprises the role here, but her film has both a different focus and a different sensibility, skilfully blending coming-of-age and horror tropes to entertaining effect.

The film begins with the still-feral, nature-dwelling Woman (McIntosh) bringing an equally feral young woman – Darlin’, played by Lauren Canny and so named for the bracelet around her wrist – to the door of a hospital and leaving her there, for reasons that will eventually become clear. Darlin’ can’t speak and behaves like a wild animal,

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