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‘Alive’ VOD Review

‘Alive’ VOD Review

Stars: Angus Macfayden, Camille Stopps, Thomas Cocquerel, Chantal Perron, Gerrick Winston, Zoe Marlett, Lisa Moreau | Written by Chuck McCue, Jules Vincent | Directed by Rob Grant

Spearheaded by Hostel and the Saw franchise, the ‘torture porn’ sub-genre of horror (an unfair title perhaps) was not well-liked at the time despite some big money makers, and it’s not something film lovers have been desperately wanting a resurgence of. But Alive does very much feel like it would fit in that mold from the early 2000’s.

A severely injured man and woman wake up next to each other in an abandoned hospital. The remember very little about themselves or each other but do have ‘flashbacks’ that attempt to jog their memory. They soon discover who is keeping them locked up when the caretaker/doctor appears and is their only hope to find out who they are and help with any chance of escaping.

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