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Danny Hicks, ‘Evil Dead II’ Actor, Dies at 68

Danny Hicks, ‘Evil Dead II’ Actor, Dies at 68

Danny Hicks, an actor who starred in the horror classic “Evil Dead II,” has died after battling cancer. He was 68.

Hicks’ convention management team, Full Empire Productions, posted the news on Facebook, writing, “Danny passed away at his home in CA. We love you Danny, rest easy my friend.”

In Sam Raimi’s comedic horror sequel “Evil Dead II,” Hicks plays Jake, a local who comes to a bad end in an abandoned cabin.

Earlier this month, Hicks shared he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer on Facebook.

“To all of the people that I never got to meet, and the 6,018 die hard fans that enjoyed my work. I have some bad news,” he wrote. “I have been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I have approximately 1 to 3 years to live. But I gotta tell ya, I sure as hell packed a whole bunch of living into my 68 years,” he added.

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