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From Streams to Screams: Class of 1980 Edition

From Streams to Screams: Class of 1980 Edition

Hello, dear readers! For the last several years, we here at Daily Dead spend a few weeks celebrating the anniversaries of a batch of films from a particular year, and for 2020, we’ve decided to head back to the year 1980 to commemorate the 40th birthday for all the great horror and sci-fi movies that were released back then.

For those of you who may be looking to get into the spirit, I’ve gone ahead and put together this list of films from 1980 that are currently streaming on a variety of platforms, both free and ones that require a subscription. You’ll definitely see upcoming features and discussions of many of these titles, so hopefully this list will help you catch up on the movies you haven’t seen yet (or maybe haven’t seen in a while).

Be sure to check back starting next Monday for all of our Class of 1980 coverage,

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