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The Best of The Humble Bundle Image Comics Deal

The Best of The Humble Bundle Image Comics Deal

Humble Bundle is a great way to add some bulk to your digital comics (and games) collection while also doing some good in the world. They offer pay-what-you-want deals that let you divert however much of your purchase you want to charity, and if you spend at certain levels, you get more stuff. Since its inception, they’ve had bundles covering everything from G.I. Joe and Transformers comics to kids books or Top Shelf art books.

The latest bundle covers almost $1600 worth of collected editions from Image Comics, with proceeds being sent to two outstanding charities: the Binc Foundation, the nonprofit helping independent bookstores weather the Covid-related economic downturn; and the Hero Initiative, a nonprofit that helps provide a safety net to comic creators in need. But the question that might jump to mind for an overwhelmed reader is “Is this bundle actually a deal?”

The answer is undoubtedly yes,

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