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‘End Trip’ DVD Review

‘End Trip’ DVD Review

Stars: Dean J. West, Aaron Jay Rome, Ashley Lenz | Written by Aaron Jay Rome, Eric LeBlanc | Directed by Aaron Jay Rome

[Note: With the film finally getting a DVD release, from Terror Films, here’s a repost of our review – from way back in 2018 – of Aaron Rome’s fantastic End Trip]

A movie focusing entirely on an Uber (or URyde as it is here) driver doesn’t exactly sound like the most interesting of ideas. And explaining that it’s a bit of a twisted horror movie might make that sound better or worse. But that’s the clearest explanation I can give for End Trip.

For the first half (and more) of End Trip we are basically in a car with its driver and the passengers he picks up. After the first few we meet a man who tells the driver (Brandon) to take him wherever he wants to go. He wants to get out of the house he

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