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The Challenge Season 35 Episode 16 Review: Who Won?

The Challenge Season 35 Episode 16 Review: Who Won?

What a horrible finale. 

The Challenge Season 35 Episode 16 didn't have the excitement of a season finale. 

Aside from the final nine competitors scaling a mountain, it felt like a regular installment. 

If you watch The Challenge online, you know The Challenge Season 36 has been a mostly disjointed affair, thanks largely to Dee Nguyen getting the pink slip. 

The season failed to bounce back after acting like Dee was not a major part of the storyline. They gave her the villain edit, only to erase her. 

It was... strange. 

In any case, the finale featured a lot of weak competitors, perhaps making it easier for the ultimate victors to, well, tiptoe around a mountain. 

Believe me, there were high stakes, but the final challenge weeded out the people who were not cut out to be crowned the winners, and it was particularly surprising that two competitors walked out of the competition.

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