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PBS at 50: ‘In Deep Service’ Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

PBS at 50: ‘In Deep Service’ Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

PBS’ 50th anniversary wasn’t supposed to be quite so interesting.

What the public broadcaster had expected was a forward-looking celebration of a half-century of service. But as with any other organization, PBS was forced to change plans in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, PBS has seen its mission made as clear as ever as it has spent its 50th year doing exactly what it was created to do — serve viewers of all ages with an array of programming designed to educate, enlighten, and yes, entertain.

“In many ways I feel that everything that we’ve done over the last 50 years has prepared us for this moment, for everything that we’ve done,” says PBS CEO Paula Kerger. “And so in a strange way, I can’t think of a better way to mark our 50th anniversary than to really be in deep service.”

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