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Science Channel to Honor Grant Imahara With ‘MythBusters’ Marathon

Science Channel to Honor Grant Imahara With ‘MythBusters’ Marathon

Discovery began running a “MythBusters” marathon this Friday, that will run through Saturday on the Discovery Channel, to pay tribute to the late “MythBusters” star Grant Imahara. The programming also features other shows that Imahara worked on, such as “Killer Robots” and “White Rabbit Project.”

The Friday portion of the two-day marathon concluded on the Discovery channel but will resume on the Science Channel at 3 p.m. Et Saturday. Episodes that will air on Saturday include “MythBusters” episodes “Shooting Fish in a Barrel,” “Dog Myths,” “Paper Armor,” and “Motorcycle Water Ski,” while the “Robogames 2011” episode of “Killer Robots” and “White Rabbit Project” episode “May G Force Be with You” will also be featured as part of the marathon.

Imahara passed away earlier in the week week from a brain aneurism at the age of 49. He was a long-time “MythBusters” co-host, BattleBots champion, and veteran engineer. Discovery released a statement shortly after Imahara’s death.

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