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Film Review: My Identity (2019) by Sae Suzuki

Film Review: My Identity (2019) by Sae Suzuki

The bonds that create families, particularly between mother and daughter, have been the topic of a number of quite interesting Asian films, with the examples of “Rebirth” and “Girls Always Happy” coming first to mind. Sae Suzuki, in her feature debut, takes her chance on the topic through a rather intriguing approach that combines some very interesting additional elements.

“My Identity” is screening at Japan Cuts 2020

Taiwanese-Japanese teenager Rei is bullied at school and her mother seems to show no understanding at all, instead beating her severely every time something happens. Frustrated by her life, Rei decides to try enjo kosai, after overhearing some classmates talking about how they can get money from older men. Her experience is rather traumatic and she ends up being saved by a passerby, Aoi, an office worker who has been stigmatized by petty gossip and the almost forced attention of a male colleague. Rei

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