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Interview: Director Paul Hyett on ‘Peripheral’

Interview: Director Paul Hyett on ‘Peripheral’

Ahead of the digital release, on August 3rd, of his latest film Peripheral, director Paul Hyett talks about the importance of creative freedom, the lockdown and future projects…

Peripheral is your fourth feature as director. When you started on The Seasoning House back in 2011, did you ever imagine your career would be this successful?

Back when I decided I wanted to make my own movie I had my prosthetics company and was doing very well, but I really wanted to tell my own stories. I said to myself, get The Seasoning House made, see if it’s any good. If it’s a success then I would close my workshop and concentrate on directing. When it was selected as opening film for FrightFest 2012, I was elated and decided to go that path. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have directed four films and never would have thought that would happen.

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