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Which is Better? #7 – The Lost Boys vs. Fright Night

Which is Better? #7 – The Lost Boys vs. Fright Night

It’s been a while since I penned a Which is Better article on here, so, as seen as Summer is making me wish Autumn was here, and I’m counting down the days for the Halloween season, I figured I’d go back to two of my favourite vampire movies ever, and pit them against each other in this almost-pointless-because-it’s-subjective-anyway battle of evil versus evil, vamp versus vamp. Fright Night versus The Lost Boys.

*Cue People are Strange by The Doors*

Ok, so I grew up with The Lost Boys on my television set and the record of the soundtrack echoing from the stereo system. I have always had a lot of fondness for the 80s glam-vamp teen-comedy that featured some of the big names from the era, with Keifer Sutherland in the role of head-but-not-quite-head vampire, David, Jason Patrick and Corey Haim as brothers Micheal and Sam,

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