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Raised By Wolves Debuts First Full Trailer

Raised By Wolves Debuts First Full Trailer

The first teaser for HBO Max’s Ridley Scott-directed sci-fi series Raised By Wolves was nothing if not enigmatic.

The nearly two-minute first look revealed the stunning visuals of Scott and creator Aaron Guzikowski’s concept. There were cities on fire, androids blowing stuff up, and a parable of the Three Little Pigs. It was awesome. But was it awesome because it was so enigmatic? The teaser didn’t have to shoulder the burden of revealing the plot to viewers or giving a sense of how all these cool concepts and visuals would meld into a coherent series.

Now a second trailer has arrived for Raised By Wolves. And unlike the first it does delve further into the plot of the show, and move away from shock and awe splendor from the first. But wouldn’t you know it – it’s still awesome all the same. Give it a gander below.

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