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Movie Review | Cargo: Lumbers along in infinite space

Movie Review | Cargo: Lumbers along in infinite space

A giant spaceship, Pushpak 634-a, lumbers along in infinite space. In the ship a demon, or rakshas, named Prahastha receives deceased humans, heals them and recycles them for their next birth.

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Prahastha, played by Vikrant Massey, is a loner and an introvert. He exchanges few words even with his supervisors on earth via the TV screen that is his only source of communication. He also shuns the idea of social media exchange with his legions of fans. Yes, he has many fans, we are told -- doing what he does for 75 years now makes him an important cog in the wheel that drives peace between humans and demons.

Prahastha's lonely yet measured life is thrown in a tizzy when earth sends the spirited young Yuvishka (Shweta Tripathi) as his assistant. Her arrival on the ship not only disturbs his personal space.

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