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‘The Tomb: Devil’s Revenge’ DVD Review

‘The Tomb: Devil’s Revenge’ DVD Review

Stars: Jason Brooks, Jeri Ryan, William Shatner, Ciara Hanna, Robert Scott Wilson | Written by Maurice Hurley | Directed by Jared Cohn

Director Jared Cohn has been carving something of a name for himself in the direct to DVD market for a good few years now, usually delivering fun low-budget genre films that at least have one great idea on which to hang the film. And Devil’s Revenge is no different.

The hook here? The absolutely Amazing creature designs by Vincent J. Guastini which, along with the brilliant flashbacks to a grim and grisly past, keep you watching way past the over indulgent, overwrought, dialogue-heavy first half. The brief glimpses of something greater giving the audience hope that the rest of the film will – eventually – follow suit. It doesn’t but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to enjoy about this Indiana Jones-esque horror tale.

John Brock (Jason Brooks) is

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