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Film Review: C.U. Soon (2020) by Mahesh Narayan

Film Review: C.U. Soon (2020) by Mahesh Narayan

By Rwita Dutta

The Malayalam film industry has always enthralled us in home and abroad with their fascinating range of contents, forms and cinematic innovations. From stalwarts like Adoor Gopalakrishnan to maverick G.R. Aravindan to enfant terrible John Abraham, the list is unending. In recent years, another breed of filmmakers started dominating the scenario often engulfed by the star phenomenon. Since the 90’s, content is king and besides the star kids, an array of films have been produced with new actors, even with non actors. Besides Dilquar Salman, Fahadh Faasil, Roshan Mathew, small budget films and their actors also steal the show. One must mention last years’ “Biriyani” (Directed by Sajjin Babu) selected in Moscow International Film Festival, 2020) “Chola”, “Jallikattu”. “Moothan”

Besides these artistic films, even the popular commercials are creating wonders. With the line between the hardcore commercial and avant garde being blurred and cinema is adorning more fluidity akin to it,

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