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Trailer: Stone Skipping by Kim Jung-sik

Trailer: Stone Skipping by Kim Jung-sik

Director/scriptwriter Kim Jung-sik makes his debut with “Stone Skipping”, a story that tackles mental illness.


Seok-goo is a man in his 30’s, but has the intelligence of an 8-year-old. He runs a rice mill in a village, where kind neighbors and friends live nearby. One day, he sees a runaway girl, Eun-ji who is mistaken to have been a pickpocket at a village party.

Seok-goo helps her by resolving the misunderstanding. He and Eun-ji become friends afterwards. Teacher Kim is a teacher at a shelter where Eun-ji stays. Teacher Kim is worried about the friendship between the two, but a Catholic priest sets Teacher Kim’s worries at ease.

One evening, something happens to Eun-ji at Seok-goo’s rice mill.

“Stone Skipping” stars Kim Dae-Myung, who saw success on the small screen this year with “Hospital Playlist”, as Seok-goo. Fresh-faced young actress Jeon Chae-eun makes her debut as Eun-ji,

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