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Steven Spielberg: World War II Revisionist

With the acclaimed mini-series The Pacific released this year, Santosh Sandhu presents an updated look at the influence of World War II on filmmaker Steven Spielberg's body of work...

Steven Spielberg’s father was a pilot in World War II and his stories formed a strong part in his son’s upbringing. Spielberg began making movies at the age of 15 and even at this young age his films Fighter Squad (1959) and Escape to Nowhere (1962) used World War II as a backdrop. It seemed inevitable that when Spielberg became a major Hollywood player he would make films about this war. Despite coming from the Vietnam generation, Spielberg has constantly revisited World War II throughout his career.

Having suffered anti-Semitism as a teenager, Spielberg sympathised with the civil rights movement but never felt comfortable with his own generation. He had little time for the counter-cultural movement of the late 1960s. With regard to filmmaking,

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