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Why the Emmys Should Recognize More Superhero Shows

Why the Emmys Should Recognize More Superhero Shows

With the the success of HBO's Watchmen at the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards, it seems apparent that superhero shows Can win awards.

For the longest time, the Academy has refused to recognize shows of the superhero genre, no matter how outstanding and critically relevant they are.

Yes, from time to time, a superhero show will receive an award for its stunts, costumes, or special effects, but rarely do we see an acting, writing, or directing award nomination for any of these shows, even when there are people deserving of the accolades.

Every year, the Emmys announce their nominations and the average person says "huh?"

While many of the nominated shows are worthy of recognition for their work, a majority of them are series that do not have a big following.

This is thanks to the ever-growing number of streaming services and the Academy's recent tendency to lean towards cable instead of network television.

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