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‘Bittersweet’ highlights a shocking truth about women in Beed

‘Bittersweet’ highlights a shocking truth about women in Beed

Ananth Mahadevan is off to the Busan International Film Festival with his new film, and he has shared what compelled him to make his latest.

Titled "Bittersweet", Mahadevan's new film has been nominated in the Competition section of the prestigious film fest that will take place between October 21 and October 30 this year.

Mahadevan says the condition of female sugarcane cutters in the Beed district of Maharashtra was an eye-opener, and he felt he had to tell their story.

"It was so disappointing to realize that something like this is going on in India, in Maharashtra. When I started probing the issue and researching, there was not much document or hard material available. It is a volatile subject and is about human survival at a humongous cost, under an excruciating circumstance," Mahadevan told Ians.

Elaborating on the issue, the filmmaker said as sugarcane is a seasonal crop, the cutters had to

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