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Anime Review: Fire Force Season 1 (2019) by Yuki Yase

Anime Review: Fire Force Season 1 (2019) by Yuki Yase

As we have mentioned many times before, shonen titles are found in abundance in the anime industry, with most of them following the pattern of “Dragonball”, “Bleach” and “Naruto”, which, in essence, and with a healthy dose of cynicism, is this one.

The result is that many of them look and function in very similar ways, with very few exceptions, which we will deal with in a separate article. “Fire Force” may be quite well produced, but in terms of narrative, does not stray particularly away.

The Great Disaster is an event that happened two hundred and fifty years before Year 198, with the world mostly consumed in flames, many nations destroyed, and most of the planet rendered uninhabitable. The survivors took refuge in the Tokyo Empire, which remained mostly stable during the period despite losing some of its landmass.The Tokyo Emperor Raffles I establishes the faith of the Holy

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