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Web Series Review | Scam 1992: Retells a complex saga

Web Series Review | Scam 1992: Retells a complex saga

There is a basic challenge that Hansal Mehta throws, while narrating the story of Big Bull Harshad Mehta. Instead of letting his story unfold through the mind games of his protagonist, which would have made the series lucid and enjoyable for all, he often tends to immerse the narrative in a mire of heavy stock market lingo and logistics.

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Perhaps Hansal Mehta was deliberately being uncompromising, to underline the fact that his 10-part web series is a rare Bollywood effort that truly tick-marks all criteria of the genre that Hollywood defines as the financial thriller. Yet, from Wall Street to Margin Call to Equity to The Wolf Of Wall Street -- you could even include Money Monster by a stretch -- we have seen enough instances where crime drama woven around money does not necessarily let money

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