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Why Tim and Lucy Should Get Together on The Rookie

Why Tim and Lucy Should Get Together on The Rookie

ABC's The Rookie centers around John Nolan, a forty-year-old newbie-cop who moves to L.A. for a fresh start. 

As interesting as Nolan's storyline can be, many fans of the series have found themselves drawn to a component of the show that came much more naturally than intended: the relationship between Lucy Chen and her training officer, Tim Bradford

Viewers have found themselves split on just what "Tucy" or "Chenford's" relationship should ultimately be.

Should they keep the close friendship they've developed over their time training together? Or, when Tim is no longer Lucy's superior, should they become something more?

An overwhelming amount of fans are hoping for the latter. 

Although the showrunner has warned that Tim and Lucy pursuing a romance would be a "huge line to cross," I believe not crossing the line would do more harm than good.

The reason for the show's hesitance to put

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