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Film Review: The Grand Grandmaster (2020) by Dayo Wong

Film Review: The Grand Grandmaster (2020) by Dayo Wong

“The Grand Grandmaster” sees Hong Kong comedian Dayo Wong produce a kung-fu parody that maybe has more to say than one would first notice. Selling his own home to fund the piece, taking the lead role, directing and writing the movie, it is safe to say that he has faith in his ability, and who can blame him, as his last movie, “Agent Mr Chan”, was a huge success. Beyond aiming to be a comedic crowd pleaser though, Wong seems to be using the film as a vehicle to offer his thoughts about a current issue in China, and as a vehicle to help keep the Hong Kong industry separate from the mainland.

“The Grand Grandmaster” is screening at CAAMFest Forward

Martial arts is a huge part of Chinese culture, and recently its been a constant source of debate. Is this form of self-defence usable outside of a lesson? Or

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