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Short Film Review: Becoming Eddie (2020) by Lilan Bowden

Short Film Review: Becoming Eddie (2020) by Lilan Bowden

To actually become integrated within a culture is difficult enough, but to feel at ease living in it or even regard it as a home is quite a task. However, this process is made even more difficult when the culture you were born with is regarded as inferior by others, or at least you get the impression this is the case. In her short feature “Becoming Eddie”, director Lilan Bowden, who is an actor and comedian, explores issues such as these within the context of the USA in the 1980s, a period whose richness in music and films also saw various incidents of xenophobia and racial stereotypes in popular features such as “Sixteen Candles” by John Hughes, to name one example.

“Becoming Eddie” is screening at CAAMFest Forward

At the center of the story, we find Yong (Joziah Lagonoy) who lives with his Korean family in an American neighborhood. Since

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