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Theo Germaine Hopes That Equal Inspires People to "Learn More About Queer History"

Theo Germaine Hopes That Equal Inspires People to

Image Source: HBO Max

HBO Max's LGBTQ+ civil rights docuseries, Equal, which premiered on Oct. 22, comes at a pivotal time with the upcoming election. The series is split into four parts and covers the early rise of LGBTQ+ organizations, the 20th century transgender experience, the Black community's contributions to the LGBTQ+ civil rights movement, and the Stonewall uprising. Throughout the episodes, Equal showcases the evolution of just how tirelessly the communities have worked to have their voices heard. Nonbinary actor Theo Germaine - who portrays real-life figure Jack Starr during the second part titled "Transgender Pioneers" - spoke to Popsugar recently about the importance of using your voice for change, what it was like working with LGBTQ+ icons important to them, and what they hope people take away from the docuseries.

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