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‘Hopper/Welles’ Producer Filip Jan Rymsza on Next Film ‘Object Permanence’ (Exclusive)

‘Hopper/Welles’ Producer Filip Jan Rymsza on Next Film ‘Object Permanence’ (Exclusive)

Polish-born filmmaker Filip Jan Rymsza, the producer of Venice Film Festival entry “Hopper/Welles,” which he is presenting this week at Egypt’s El Gouna Film Festival, will follow his latest directorial outing “Mosquito State” – also a Venice premiere this year – with “Object Permanence,” Rymsza tells Variety. Partially set in Berlin and shot in English, it will be another Polish co-production, most likely with Germany.

“’Object permanence’ is something that people were aware of already, they just didn’t know how to define it: It’s the understanding that objects continue to exist even if you can’t see them or hear them, or otherwise sense them,” he says, adding that while “Mosquito State” looked at the recent past, this will look into the near future.

With another project, set in Japan, currently put on hold due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, Rymsza will once again try to focus on one protagonist.

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