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Frightfest 2020: ‘Cyst’ Review

Frightfest 2020: ‘Cyst’ Review

Stars: Greg Sestero, Eva Habermann, Jason Douglas, Gene Jones, George Hardy, Darren Ewing, Francesca Santoro, Kyle Roberts | Written by Tyler Russell, Andy Silverman | Directed by Tyler Russell

It’s the early 1960s and a small-town doctor invents a machine that uses laser technology to remove skin abnormalities. He pulls out all the stops to make sure his final chance to get the patent on his ‘Get Gone’ appliance goes smoothly. But his nurse thinks the contraption is dangerous and not ready. The struggle between the two causes the apparatus to malfunction creating a giant cyst monster that goes on a bloody rampage.

Very much in the vein of the William Castle and Rgoer Corman flicks of the 50s and 60s, Cyst is – like the remake of The Brain That Wouldn’t Die which also screened as part of Frightfest – very much an homage to the films of that period, with set and costume design,

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