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7 Must-Watch Asian Movies About College Life

7 Must-Watch Asian Movies About College Life

College movies can have such a diverse and vast audience. We watch these movies as teens, dreaming about college life to happen sooner. We watch them at college, to see people like us represented in the cinema. We watch them later in life whenever we feel nostalgic about those young years. Hence, a good college movie can be a true treasure for many people of different ages and experiences. In our list, we have collected 7 must-watch Asian movies about college life. Get some popcorn, and pick the one that speaks to you tonight.

1. You are the Apple of My Eye (2011)

A classical story of a good girl falling for a bad boy. Somehow these types of stories never get out of style. This time the movie is set back in the 1990s. A bright girl Shen Chia-Yi is the best student at school. Though, a lot is yet to change

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