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Nitv shakes up the media landscape with ‘Big Mob Brekky’

Nitv shakes up the media landscape with ‘Big Mob Brekky’

If audiences enjoy waking up to Nitv’s Big Mob Brekky – Australia’s first ever Indigenous breakfast show – this week as part of Naidoc Week, Sbs director of Indigenous content Tanya Denning-Orman doesn’t rule out it becoming a permanent fixture in the future.

Hosted by Shahni Wellington and Ryan Liddle, the show premiered yesterday, broadcasting live from Sydney’s Taronga Zoo, and will run everyday until Friday.

“It’s an on-air pilot; that’s what we do at the channel,” Denning-Orman tells If.

“If Australians are wanting that different perspective, waking up to something different in the morning, with a bit of our cheekiness as a blackfellas – anything’s possible as part of Sbs.”

The decision to run the show stems from a desire to do something different after a year of heavy news content, as well as the current conversation around diversity in media.

“It epitomises why the

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