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Cga names 2020 Rising Stars

Cga names 2020 Rising Stars

The Casting Guild of Australia (Cga) has named its ten ‘Rising Stars’ for 2020: Luca Sardelis, Lily Sullivan, Yazeed Daher, Sophie Wilde, Ayesha Madon, Patrick Jhanur, Daniel Monks, Ratidzo Mambo, Thomas Weatherall and Bridie McKim.

It’s the sixth year the guild has compiled the list, which has previously identified talent such as Eliza Scanlan, Katherine Langford, Tilda Cobham-Harvey, Geraldine Viswanathan and Alexander England.

Cga President David Newman said: “Each year all Cga members nominate and then vote for 10 emerging artists they see as Rising Stars, those who we believe are most likely to cut through at an international level.

“In 2020, these actors have gone from all work stopping, thinking they may never work again to now being presented as some of the most promising of their generation – what a roller coaster! We’re extremely proud to present 10 emerging artists who aren’t only amazingly talented but also represent the

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