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• Tfe reminder -- Last Day To Vote On The 1987 Smackdown!

Vanity Fair Dolly Parton might save us all again. She donated to a promising Covid vaccine

• People 80s star Andrew McCarthy is releasing a memoir called Brat. We are so reading this. That 80s run surely has so many stories: Class with Jacqueline Bisset, St Elmo's Fire with uh.... everyone, Pretty in Pink, Less Than Zero, Mannequin.

• Vulture Stacey Abrams has a theory on Buffy the Vampire Slayer's perfect boyfriend

• Hollywood Life Leo DiCaprio and Emile Hirsch (hadn't heard their names in a bit) hang out at the beach

• Out will reveal their annual Out100 List on Thursday but among the early honorees are Janelle Monae, Joe Mantello, Theo Germaine (The Politician), and the gay couple behind the divisive Antebelllum movie

• Variety the longlists for a few categories in this year's British Independent Film Awards (nominations will come in

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