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Bigg Boss: House of fizzled-out romances

Bigg Boss: House of fizzled-out romances

New Delhi, Nov 18 (Ians) Apart from the fights, the ongoing season 14 of Bigg Boss is running high on mush. From Pavitra Punia and Eijaz Khan to Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni, love is in the air, it seems.

Yet, looking at past seasons it becomes amply clear that, while sparks do fly on the show, it is only as long as the contestants are inside the house.

This year, love talk started with Jaan Kumar Sanu's notable fondness for of Nikki Tamboli, and his ensuing confession. Since then, there have been shades of love in the game play of Pavitra and Eijaz. The makers also got Jasmin's alleged boyfriend Aly to boost her game and then there was a marriage proposal on national television by Rahul Vaidya.

For many, the relationships are a game for survival, some "fake romance" their way into the game and some are just antics to boost viewership ratings.

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