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Coming 2 America: Is Comedy’s New Home Streaming?

Coming 2 America: Is Comedy’s New Home Streaming?

The recent announcement that the three-decades-awaited film follow-up, Coming 2 America, will bypass its theatrical release plans to stream on Amazon Prime Video may not have been surprising in a 2020 world, but it was indicative of an intriguing trend for the comedy genre that predates the pandemic.

The Paramount-hailing, Eddie Murphy-starring sequel’s December 18 release date has just been shifted all the way to March 5, 2021; an understandable retreat in reaction to a monumental move for the industry made this week by Warner Bros. to shift its biggest tentpole picture of the year, Wonder Woman 1984, to a Christmas Day streaming premiere on HBO Max. However, Paramount’s move—first motivated by a pandemic and later seemingly by a cinematic juggernaut—may prove serendipitous for the Craig Brewer-directed Coming 2 America, since comedy movies have found surprising success and visibility in streaming rather than theaters.

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