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Gracious Night - Amber Wilkinson - 16401

Gracious Night - Amber Wilkinson - 16401

Mika Kaurismäki's latest film is a largely improvised affair set against the backdrop of Covid pandemic, which sees three men chew the fat over the course of May Day night.

Each of the men - Heikki (Pertti Sveholm), Risto (Kari Heiskanen) and Juhani (Timo Torikka) - is introduced to us earlier in the day, an accomplished bit of, largely, visual storytelling which acts as a welcome open contrast to the bulk of the film which leans heavily on dialogue. Risto, is a doctor, who has just had bad news about a patient, Juhani, a man who has received a disturbing phone call and Juhani is busily taking matters into his own hands regarding the future of his bar, which is in Covid lockdown - in one of several sly and dry nods to the virus, a bottle of Corona advert flashes above the door.

While Heikki contemplates his next move over food.

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