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‘Derelicts’ VOD Review

‘Derelicts’ VOD Review

Stars: Kelly Dealyn, David Lee Hess, Emily Ammon, Dalton Allen, Steve Uzzell, Les Best, Lana Dieterich, Sam Pleasant, Clay Shirley, Kara Mellyn, Andre Evrenos, Marcela Pineda, Pat Turner | Written by Brett Glassberg, Andre Evrenos, Clay Shirley | Directed by Brett Glassberg

Derelicts has taken three years to get from completion to release, which should tell you something about the finished product. An even bigger clue would be that this film is debuting on YouTube. Yes, YouTube.

Essentially a home invasion horror – though the film is short an actually scares, rather its more of an us-versus-them, “Oh these people make my skin crawl” kind of horror – Derelicts tells the story of a family getting together at Thanksgiving. You know, your typical family, one that keeps secrets from each other. The kind of family where the father is having an affair, the son is a chronic masturbator and the daughter is a closet junkie.

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