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Weekend box office: "The Croods" sequel in theaters, "Mank" at home.

Weekend box office:

U.S. weekend box office (though we still won't have theaters any time soon for some cities) 

The Croods: New Age $4.4 ($20.3 cum) Half Brothers $720k *new* Freaky $460k ($7.7 cum) All My Life $350k *new* The War With Grandpa $329k

Home Viewing? This week we rewatched The Man Who Cried (2000/2001) of all things for Murtada's Sundays with Cate podcast as well as Citizen Kane (1941) which is as marvelous as ever and finally finished The Queens Gambit (2020) which was so so satisfying. On the Rocks on Apple was a pleasant if uneventful sit. We also took in Mank  on Netflix and a preview of News of the World (in theaters at Christmas) both of which were lush and great-looking but would have been infinitely better on a big movie screen *cries* where they could totally envelop your senses and thus your mood. What did you see this week? 

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