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Animation Short Review: KimHi by Fish Wang

Animation Short Review: KimHi by Fish Wang

Some films are intriguing from the first shot. They draw the audience in, not necessarily with pretty pictures, but with a message that matters, and a visual storytelling style that stands out. This is definitely the case for “KimHi” by longtime animator Fish Wang,. This film about goldfish, abuse of power and the pursuit of dreams combines a personal graphic style with a strong narrative set in a magical but dark world. It won the Best short animation award at the 2019 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival.

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In “KimHi” a small boy tries to outsmart the police and those in power. He has found out that he can change into objects, an ability that makes him invisible and keeps him out of harm’s way. On top of that he has realized that all dreams are captured and fed to the leader of his world.

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