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‘Welcome to Sudden Death’ VOD Review

‘Welcome to Sudden Death’ VOD Review

Stars: Michael Jai White, Michael Eklund, Sabryn Rock, Nakai Takawira, Lyric Justice, Sagine Sémajuste, Gary Owen, Anthony Grant, Kristen Harris, Marrese Crump | Written by Dallas Jackson, Gene Quintano | Directed by Dallas Jackson

It started last year, with the release of Benchwarmers 2… Which is when I speculated that Universal’s Dtv arm Universal 1440 Entertainment were scraping the bottom of the barrel. How little did I know. After being set up to produce sequels to Universal’s properties such as Death Race, Tremors and The Scorpion King, the company has in recent years has churned out sequels to Kindergarten Cop, Daddy Day Care, Cop and a Half, Honey, Bring it On and unexpected sequels to the likes of Backdraft, Bulletproof and Undercover Brother.

Speaking of which, Michael Jai White – who starred in the aforementioned blaxploitation comedy film – is back working with Universal’s Dtv arm for Welcome to Sudden Death. A

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