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Inside ‘Animaniacs,’ ‘She-Ra’ and the New Wave of Animated Kids TV Reboots

Inside ‘Animaniacs,’ ‘She-Ra’ and the New Wave of Animated Kids TV Reboots

Reboots aren’t just for grown-ups anymore.

The proliferation of streaming platforms reliant on free-flowing programming pipelines has led to the development of new versions of shows such as “Battlestar Galactica” and “True Blood” that last aired when Barack Obama was president. That same industry-shaking shift away from linear and toward streaming, coupled with the emergence of nostalgia and geekdom as dominating cultural forces, has turned kids TV — already accustomed to regularly reimagining corporate-controlled IP — into a hotbed of reboots.

“We’re in an interesting time right now, where, probably more so than ever before, adults who grew up with certain properties are able to still be a part of those fandoms and talk about them and participate in those fandoms very actively,” says Noelle Stevenson, creator of the DreamWorks Animation-produced “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power” for Netflix. “In the past, it was maybe a little bit more of a niche thing.

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