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Stay-At-Home Seven: January 11 to 17 by Amber Wilkinson

Stay-At-Home Seven: January 11 to 17 by Amber Wilkinson

Whisky Galore Photo: Optimum Releasing

Whisky Galore, 10pm, BBC4, Thursday January 14

Seventy years has done little to dim the subversive joy of Alexander Mackendrick's Hebridean wartime comedy - which it's worth remembering, was his directorial debut. Compton Mackenzie's novel - which was inspired by the actual grounding of the SS Politician off Eriskay in the Outer Hebrides - springs to glorious life, bursting with colour despite the black and white. As the locals try to salvage 50,000 cases of Scotch from a stricken US ship while outwitting a pompous Englishman Basil Radford who has been sent to the island, the character and visual comedy build to dram fine effect. Read our full review.

The Angel's Share, BBC iPlayer, until December

If Whisky Galore! puts you in the mood for more of the spirit, then why not make it a double-bill with this Scottish charmer, which sees Ken Loach and

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