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‘Hard Kill’ Review

‘Hard Kill’ Review

Stars: Bruce Willis, Jesse Metcalfe, Eva Marie, Lala Kent, Sergio Rizzuto, Texas Battle, Swen Temmel, Jon Galanis, Tyler Jon Olson | Written by Joe Russo, Chris Lamont | Directed by Matt Eskandari

We all know that Bruce Willis spends most of his acting days appearing in cash-grab cameos in an interminable number of direct to market films; films that pop up on supermarket shelves with Willis’ face front and centre as if he’s the star. Hard Kill is yet another example of this stage in Willis’ oeuvre.

Hard Kill is also yet another Emmett/Furla production, a company who seem to be following the Pm Entertainment model of churning out action movie after action movie, with actors who are either long-term mid-carders or, like Willis, are in the twilight of their career. I’m not complaining. There was, for quite some time, a distinct lack of mid-budget original action movie fare made in the US.

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