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‘Silence and Darkness’ Review

‘Silence and Darkness’ Review

Stars: Mina Walker, Joan Glackin, Jordan Lage, Sandra Gartner, Ariel Zevon | Written and Directed by Barak Barkan

The horror genre has actually got a fairly decent history of using disabilities in its movie in a positive way. There are of course plenty of bad examples but there are also films like Hush, A Quiet Place and Ropes. Silence and Darkness deals with a family that involves a father who has a deaf daughter and a blind daughter and shows us how they live there lives.

The sisters relationship is a huge part of the story and it’s both brilliant and fascinating. Personally, the use of sign language always draws me into a movie, I know a little sign language myself and I know how important it is and I love to see it used prominently in a film. Here the sisters, Anna and Beth, show a special bond that

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