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The Kiss Before the Mirror

The Kiss Before the Mirror

The Kiss Before the Mirror

Blu ray

Kino Lorber

1933 / 1.33:1 / 69 min.

Starring Nancy Carroll, Frank Morgan, Gloria Stuart

Cinematography by Karl Freund

Directed by James Whale

James Whale’s The Kiss Before the Mirror opens on familiar terrain for the director of Frankenstein—a moon-lit backroad littered with crooked trees and clutching branches. A figure tip-toes out of the darkness toward her destination—not a mad scientist’s castle but a swanky post-modern bungalow where her lover waits. The woman catches the moonlight quite well, thank you—she’s played by an incandescent Gloria Stuart and she has just escaped her husband for a rendezvous with a self-impressed roué played by the blankly handsome Walter Pidgeon. The two engage in pre-sex small talk that is so coy, so ear-grating, that it’s clear Whale is preparing them (and the audience) for some awful comeuppance.

Produced in 1933, The Kiss Before the

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