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Moments of entry by Anne-Katrin Titze

Moments of entry by Anne-Katrin Titze

David Thewlis as health inspector Jim Davis in Atom Egoyan’s absorbing Guest Of Honour

Guest Of Honour is the story of restaurant health inspector Jim Davis (David Thewlis) and his daughter Veronica (Laysla De Oliveira), a high school music teacher who finds herself in prison. Anything but linear, the film touches on many aspects of social interactions that a year ago seemed normal. Restaurants in Atom Egoyan’s movie are fighting not to be shut down, because for some that would mean the end of their existence.

Anne-Katrin Titze: Guest of Honour leaves many gaps so that I in the audience felt a bit like the child Veronica [Isabelle Franca, as an adult played by Laysla De Oliveira] trying to figure out what is going on with the adults. How can I put these puzzle pieces together? Am I missing something? Am I making things up? Which is great

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