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50M² review – macho fun with Netflix's Turkish hitman

50M² review – macho fun with Netflix's Turkish hitman

This crime caper isn’t like much you will have seen before, but there’s definitely enough here to keep your attention – from shootouts to shopkeeper camaraderie

Sure, you could settle in for another rewatch of The Sopranos. Or you could use your TV time to venture beyond borders, into new Netflix territories, and take in the Turkish hitman caper 50M² instead. Our hero is Gölge, translated by the subtitles as Shadow. For viewers of a certain vintage, that name will instantly conjure the mental image of Ulrika Jonsson and John Fashanu surrounded by preening Gladiators in blue leotards. Not such a random association, perhaps, since 50M2 shares with the classic ITV show a macho tone that is tongue-in-cheek but – make no mistake about it – still tough enough to see off all comers with a giant cotton bud.

This Shadow, prefers to work with a handgun. He is the surrogate

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